Year 12

Easter revision materials

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“All science is either Physics or stamp collecting”



Year 12

Please accept my apologies for the delay, I have been finding suitable revision videos to aid your revision along with suitable examination questions.

Please see below a series of clips from youtube on a variety of topics, these cover the basic elements from each topic, some offer interesting contexts, others are simply examination based clips.  Use the revision materials as support when answering the examination questions which are below the videos.

Please click here for complete revision guides for unit 1 and unit 2

Nuclear Composition and Isotopes

Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces

Properties of Radiation

Nuclear Equations

The Standard Model

Conservation Laws

Feynman Diagrams

Beta Decay in more detail

Photoelectric Effect

Collisions of electrons with atoms

Fluorescent Lamps

Wave-particle duality

Matter and Anti-matter

Kirchoff’s 1st Law


EMF & Voltage




Resistors in series and parallel

Potential Dividers

Internal Resistance

The Oscilloscope

Go through the need to know sheets and identify areas which need developing.  View the relevant videos before then answering the past papers below.

Unit 1

Need to know particles and radiation

Need to know radiation and quantum phenomena

Need to know current electricity

Unit 2

Need to know materials

Need to know mechanics

Need to know waves

Please answer complete the following past papers and go through the mark schemes in order to identify how to achieve all marks:

Unit 1 paper,  Unit 1 mark scheme,  Unit 2 paper,   Unit 2 mark scheme