Year 13

Easter revision materials

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“All science is either Physics or stamp collecting”



Year 13

Please accept my apologies for the delay, I have been finding suitable revision videos to aid your revision along with suitable examination questions.

Please see below a series of clips from youtube on a variety of topics, these cover the basic elements from each topic, some offer interesting contexts, others are simply examination based clips.  Use the revision materials as support when answering the examination questions which are below the videos.

Please click here for revision materials on unit 4 and unit 5

Rutherford’s Alpha Scattering

Nuclear Atom


Binding Energy

Nuclear Fission

Nuclear Fusion

Wave-particle duality


Discovery of the electron

Gas Laws


Please complete the following worksheets before then completing the past papers stated below:

Equivalence of mass and energy worksheet with answers.

How a nuclear reactor works worksheet.

Binding energy recall exercise.

Nuclear fission and binding energy worksheet with answers

Nuclear fusion worksheet with answers.

Rutherford scattering question.             Mark scheme

Atomic density question.                      Mark scheme

Radioactive decay question.                  Mark scheme

Nuclear fission question.                       Mark scheme

Nuclear fusion question.                       Mark scheme

Unit 5 Paper        Unit 5 Turning points paper        Mark scheme

Unit 4 paper 1     Unit 4 paper 2                          Mark scheme